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About the Law Firm

Legal and business advisors to the entrepreneurial and progressive free-market players.

Decades of robust experience in the UAE, with our strong understanding of regional culture and resources we can provide focused local support to clients. With a strong understanding of the region and business culture, our advice is effective; it works in the local market it serves. We have become advisors of choice in the face of substantial economic or reputational exposure.

“In the corporate world predictability is prized, mistakes tolerated, and surprises abhorred” Henry W. Ewalt, Andrew W. Ewalt

What we think

The goal in every representation is to work collaboratively with clients to develop creative and tailored solutions – which may involve anything from litigating a case to the end to resolving issues through commercial negotiation.

Flexible in approach, cost-effective and readily able to adjust resources to changing circumstances, the practice can efficiently meet the full range of client needs in high-stakes matters.

Commercial Arbitration



Leveraged finance

Our law firm has an excellent record of creating and implementing innovative solutions and financing structures.

We understand all components of a company’s capital structure, which is essential to lead and manage complex leveraged financings and optimize terms across capital structures.

Dispute Resolution

We adopt a holistic approach to dispute resolution. Our language capabilities, cultural diversity, multi-disciplinary expertise allows us to assess your options and present the case in the most compelling way possible.