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Our mission is to solve your problem quickly and easily. ​

Matters that should be dealt with at the first board meeting

Integrative Legal Practice

The Firm

First principles thinking, is the best ways to create original ideas  and unleash creative possibility. 

Fareya Azfar Araoui LLP is a UAE based purpose driven law firm. Our goal is to provide business solutions to legal problems through brief and clear advice capable of prompt practical application.

The holistic purpose of our legal practice is to help clients achieve objectives and succeed, with improved outcomes and fewer problems.

Our mission is to redefine the place of lawyers from silo advisors of law to being an integral strategic advisor and key to the client’s corporate, social and economic goals. We work with clients as their collaborators, trusted counsel, and coach.

Corporate Capabilities

We provide advice and services to our clients on some of their most important strategic decisions and transactions.

We represent companies, venture capital funds, private equity funds, family offices, financial institutions, angel investors and other private investors in a full range of transactions.

We work alongside our clients’ boards, management and legal teams, providing tailored advice on legal and regulatory requirements, emerging trends and market best practice, including with respect to domestic and international corporate law and governance frameworks.

We provide advice to corporates and family-owned companies on raising capital from long-term investors, for mostly unlisted minority and majority transactions.

We are experienced in drafting all types of definitive documents to support the most appropriate structure for a transaction. We recognize that each transaction is unique and is a key component of our clients’ continued success and growth. We take the time to counsel clients as to the benefits and risks of various approaches and provide accurate, concise documentation to memorialize the decision-making process for future business growth reference.

We support companies on all aspects of corporate governance, legal risk and compliance advice. We provide clear and constructive advice and ensure director and management duties are observed.

Dispute Resolution

Over 200 Arbitration | 89 Settlements | 300 Litigations

Conflict Resolution

Inevitably, disputes do occur and when they do the importance of a fast, efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution procedure cannot be overstated.

Conflict Prevention

Taking steps to prevent a problem from occurring. If the problem occurs, to resolve it in ways that are optimal for the individuals and entities involved in the matter.
Thought Leadership

The Force Majeure Excuse: A history Recent Posts Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin (a) Unpredictability If the event could be foreseen at the time of entering into the contract, it should have been provided for

Keys to Efficient Arbitration

Parties arbitration agreement with each other is their key to having efficient arbitration proceedings. Expensive arbitration is largely caused by the parties’ (inadvertent) consent.   The key to cost-effective arbitration   The arbitration procedure is prescribed by consent. There