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Asset finance

Our structured and asset finance practice has drawn the interest of major industry players; advising stakeholders in capital-intensive acquisitions and structured transactions. 

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Fareya Araoui has gained a unique position when it comes to complex disputes involving multiple parties and jurisdictions. We don’t shy away from going into uncharted territories.

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ECA allows stakeholders to step back and take a panoramic view of the costs and benefits of the various options and strategies before them. Its decision-makers focused on the business case.

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About us

We also advise on international matters, including investing in the UK or overseas business ventures and how English law applies to cross-border and multi-jurisdiction transactions. Clients rely on us for virtually everything, legal and quasi-legal:


  • legal and business advice, insightful strategies, direction, as well as day-to-day guidance.
  • financing: development and growth capital, venture debt financing, refinancing, and restructuring.
  • contracts management.
  • risk assessments, early case evaluations
  • alternative dispute resolution, negotiations, mediation, arbitration
  • local and cross border litigation
  • legal and business advice, insightful strategies, direction, as well as day-to-day guidance.


Working with start-ups is as much about guiding you through the many issues that are unique to you as it is about providing legal advice. We will work closely with you to help you maximize the resources you have, focus on the issues that are most important, and to find effective solutions to best leverage the limited resources. In working with start-ups, we would also leverage our extensive network of other professional advisors and financing resources.

Vested in the UAE, with our strong understanding of regional culture and resources we can provide focused local support to clients. We have robust relationships with local investors and industry players and enthusiasts. Aspiring to play an important role in the evolution of fast-growing companies through formation, growth, and expansions. One way to think about our practice is as an outside general counsel.



Private and Passive Investors

  “The private investor is filling a capital vacuum.”    What is Happening         Private investors are presently financing 20% or more of corporate funding. But Investors are quick to assume they are forming a partnership.    Rick del Sentro, CEO & Partner at ZGrowth Partners LLC said it plainly and spot-on: “sometimes the […]


Contract Value Leakage: an opportunity to increase annual revenues this year

  “We are losing roughly 17% to 40% of the value on our typical contract – from the time of execution to the close-out date. The main sources of value leaks are 1. disagreements over contract scope; 2. failures due to over-commitment; 3. weaknesses in contract change management; and 4. performance issues due to disagreement […]



June 2020
Disputes counsel in a shareholders’ disputes over dilution and improper allotments made in a conflict of interests, selective bonus issues, and change of share valuation. Amongst other actions, conduct strategic negotiations and obtain freezing orders from the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (BVI).
August 2020
Advising a Luxembourg based investment firm to raise capital for a distressed venture by the issue of convertible notes in the BVI holding company. Special issues: variation of rights, conversion price below nominal share price, and increasing authorized share capital.
March 2020
Advised on the corporate structuring for the expansion of a high-end restaurant (Azumi) chain.  Created multiple share classes, and differential rights, entrenched management control with full disclosures of related party transactions and protections against conflict of interests.