Expert evidence in international arbitration

When an arbitrator deems that expert evidence is necessary to make a reasoned decision on a specific issue in dispute, the arbitrator is empowered to appoint an expert. Such an expert would be a ‘tribunal-appointed expert’ and shall be treated as such.

Keys to Efficient Arbitration

Parties arbitration agreement with each other is their key to having efficient arbitration proceedings. Expensive arbitration is largely caused by the parties' (inadvertent) consent.   The key to cost-effective arbitration   The arbitration procedure is...

“Deal by Deal” Investment Structures

Having worked with clients in the GCC and MENA jurisdictions over the years, I have found it interesting to see certain practices that are not commonly undertaken in others. It is not to say that these practices are subpar, on the contrary, these are outright...

Venture Capital Raising

We provide advice to corporates and family-owned companies on raising capital from long-term investors, for mostly unlisted minority and majority transactions.

Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers are litigating in the UAE for over 10 years. Our knowledge of the UAE law, the know-how of local customs, and on-ground experience at Federal and local courts have allowed us to achieve for our clients some of the most significant cases in the United Arab Emirates.

Litigation: United Arab Emirates

We are the “go-to” firm for foreign clients who have litigation in the United Arab Emirates, either as defendants or claimants.

We prioritize efficiency, value and predictability in every step of the dispute resolution process

Private Investments: UAE

In the world of mutual funds investments,  UAE investors have long channeled their private equity investments through  investment deals. We are not  cookie cutter deal makers,  our clients choose targets and we choose bespoke solutions to help them accomplish it.

Boardroom Advisory

Transcending from the narrow role of legal advisors, we advance our clients’ objectives beyond courtrooms as strategic advisors to the boardroom.

Electrical Testing

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Her success seems driven by a desire to do well, not by a desire to be better than others. Her approach towards the practice of law is forceful, bold and inventive.

Oath Magazine

“Fareya is one of the most professional lawyers I have encountered in my career. Her endeavour from the very first steps of the case is to deeply understand it, followed by very hard work, researching all related legal aspects and under various jurisdictions. Once she is convinced of the point and understands it, she follows up with great enthusiasm and sheds light on all the key concepts, directs her client to look in forgotten angels and uses all the available and extracted information for building the strategy and the action plan, which in my opinion is fundamental to win any legal case.”

CEO, Marine Capabilities (MARCAP) L.L.C

“She showed a unique example of excellence and cooperation. The assessment and advisory assisted us to overcome the obstacles we had faced. She showed fast reactions, ease of communication and an amazing skill for working under pressure even during her vacations, which we highly appreciated. Comparing the service she provided to the others we are dealing with; we can classify her as “Outstanding”

Contracts Risk Manager, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC