• The Power of Law

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  • For thirty years, UAE Companies law has not provided an adequate way out for removing a shareholding director from a private company limited by shares. If we are to mock the shareholders and the Company, we should toss them an impeachment process.  T least the irony would be laughable

Talking about Costs

The need for predictability is not a need for guarantees. Predictability is a legitimate expectation of every client. For us, it is imperative to proide cost certainty to our clients.

How Fareya Azfar developed fixed fee offering for every type of legal matter:

  • Lean staffing – Fareya flies solo, although she does love a debate and the value that a team can add – we outsource very specific elements of work, when required, to trusted associates.
  • Fareya makes a time commitment to deeply understanding the matter before engagement – once she knows exactly what she will do, the firm can tell you precisely the price for that scope.
  • Mutual Case Management: We do not use emails or matter management, through secure virtual case rooms, lawyers’ administrative time is almost gone.


Fareya Azfar is widely recognised as the region’s leading international arbitration lawyer practising across all key jurisdictions and industry sectors. She has succeeded in the most complex of cases, no matter the place, language or rules of arbitration. 

Transactions transcend borders, and most contracts have an international component. There are numerous reasons why a contract dispute may contain many elements, each of which is governed by a different system of law – We believe that effective parallel and concurrent litigation requires more than just knowledge of several different laws. 
A domestic dispute is a battle, and we engage in the art of war. 
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From venture capital to co-investment, the law firm will always find the optimal legal structure to satisfy the client’s priorities and protect against common risks. But what’s most important is that the firm will ensure a transaction has specificity, clarity, and certainty regarding matters of capital, fund management, distributions, and exits. 

Fareya advises on the management and resolution strategy for shareholders’ and management disputes.

In the construction industry, conflicts are inevitable and disputes are merely avoidable. Fareya Azfar has fought and defended every possible claim from or against a contractor, subcontractor, or consultant. We know not only the legal and technical issues but also the motives of different stakeholders and how they can be reached.
About us

Purpose is what matters

Our purpose is to eradicate the lack of knowledge and awareness of legal services that prevents clients from using legal solutions. We will open these black boxes of  legal processes and procedures.


It is the purpose of our laws to protect the people in general and to enforce their rightful domains. Although laws are intended to provide order and certainty, one must be aware of them in order to utilize them. I believe that for this reason, lawyers exist – to assist the general public and corporations utilize the laws in their personal and commercial affairs, at the right time and for the right cost. A lawyer’s job is to ensure that every individual has access to the benefits of law, and they do this by serving their clients.

Behind the firm

Our founders bring unique disciplines and industry experience, but the single same contribution we make to the firm is our passion, a desire “for self-fulfillment… to become actualized in what we are potentially… to become more and more than what we are, to become everything that we are capable of becoming.

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