Local and Regional Expertise 

Anticipating the application of written law by the judges requires an understanding of the source of the legal system and its consciousness. UAE’s legal framework is a fine fabric. The law strikes the balance between modern economic socio changes in an international landscape. UAE law is applied with an embedded consciousness of the Shariah law. 

It is our insight of the UAE courts system that puts us in strategic advantage when handling litigation before DIFC courts and ADGM courts specifically where it requires enforcement and precautionary attachments against assets in UAE.

We are well versed in the rules and regulations of DIFC Courts and ADGM Courts and have rights of audience before these courts. Thorough analysis and dissection of evidence, working with experts on matters with complex technical issues, seeking interim measures and tackling jurisdictional issues, we cover all the necessary aspects in the litigation process by employing thorough preparation and high-level advocacy.

  • Database of 300+ Dubai Court cases
  • Extensive experience before Abu Dhabi Courts
  • Practical knowledge of on-ground procedures
  • Procedures, Summons, Duration and Experts