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It is not necessary to have guarantees in order to achieve predictability. It is a legitimate expectation of any client to have a reasonable understanding of the cost of their project. We take this responsibility very seriously and strive to give our clients as much cost certainty as possible.

With each project, we help our clients create a pricing structure that is appropriate to the scope of work.

A fixed fee contract is an alternative to the regular hourly rate used by lawyers. The cost stays the same regardless of the amount of time taken to perform the work. Fixed Fee is an agreed-upon amount that is fixed at the inception of the project. at a set price at each point of legal work. This gives you a certainty of legal costs that help you to budget your legal fees.

For a fixed annual fee we are always a phone call or WhatsApp away to answer your queries, provide advice and support. We also help the client manage its litigation risk and to identify developing trends and corporate issues more effectively. We visit the client’s offices several times a year. We understand your business, your people, and your policies. Our support is comprehensive.

Task-based billing is one tool our clients employ to understand and manage the amounts spent on legal services. This structure is usually a fixed fee for a specific activity which together comprise a phase. Not all work has the same value to the client. Hence, work is divided category or tier basis and often a fixed fee is assigned to each tier or category.