The Story

"My goal is to encourage awareness and ensure that my clients understand what the law offers: opportunities to confront violations they may face while still benefiting from its implementation. Business owners of small and midsize companies face many issues that they are not aware of how to solves."


What we wanted to create
One of the best ways to create original ideas and unleash creative possibility is first-principles thinking. We dismissed all limiting beliefs and pushed past the familiarity of existing legal solutions, hourly pricing model, client relationships and service delivery in order to come up with new innovative concepts for our clients.
We wanted to create a new and disrupt the traditional ways of thinking. We were able to push past limiting beliefs, which led us to create original ideas that unleashed creative possibilities for our clients.
What we strive for every day!
We strive to provide business solutions to legal problems with concise, clear advice capable of prompt practical application.
Our goal isn't simply to give you services; we aim to make our clients better equipped at identifying their needs and fulfilling them effectively. Fareya brings progressive and bold legal solutions that will take your company from good, solid footing all the way up into success!
How our fee works
We use fixed fee arrangements wherever possible, which will provide you with greater certainty and transparency over costs. We are able to achieve this by scoping the work using a detailed phased and task-based budget and plan. The best way to explain this is through a specimen of one of our fee budgets and scope plans.
Why Fareya Azfar
Because we are the law firm:
  • Thorough understanding of how a commercial enterprise works. Its standard goals, problems, needs and threats. 
  • Ability to identify the goals, needs, problems and threats on a subjective level. 
  • Specialist and up to date technical, market and industry knowledge of the problems, threats, needs and goals of the sector in which the specific client operates.