Joint Ventures

We excel at alternative deal structures such as joint ventures, strategic alliances, corporate venture capital or acquisitions of minority stakes.

A joint venture is a complex business to model.
Negotiating JV deals differs from negotiating mergers or acquisitions because the end goal, for now at least (and often forever) needs to be sustainable and ongoing relationships with no deadlocks in sight!
In order to break down these barriers so they can build their companies together long term- first establish what assets ownership looks like; how do you resolve any potential disputes? How does an exit strategy work when one party wants out completely due lack of trustworthiness on both sides?
Keys to Negotiating a Joint Venture
  • identify objectives, goals, and—your respective strengths and weaknesses as JV partners.
  • Clearly defined incentives and performance measures.
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities
  • balanced and equitable structure.
  • strong governance and decision processes.
  • contingency planning should focus on the collaborative processes that anticipate changes and create mechanisms or agreements that enable partners to adapt with less dysfunction.
  • from the very start make allowance for the endgame, the potential restructuring.