Our law firm advises sponsors in the formation, structuring, and negotiation of a wide variety of private investment vehicles.

We have extensive experience in the formation and operation of private investment funds – many with complex structures to accommodate domestic and foreign investors with diverse requirements.

Through innovative approaches to fund terms and structures we make sure that any gaps in negotiations are closed and our clients achieve their business objectives.

We have pioneered strategic partnerships for private funds, and we are well versed in bespoke co-investments, seed transactions, single investor funds and separate accounts.

In addition to fund formation we counsel managers regarding the structure and operation of the entities that serve as general partners and independent directors to their funds, with a particular focus on economic arrangements.

What we do

    • Evaluating potential fund structures and forming fund entities, including master-feeder structures and offshore fund entities
    • Structuring and forming fund management entities
    • Structuring and forming fund management entities.
    • General advice regarding domestic and offshore entities, including limited partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, limited companies, and trusts.
    • Help private companies negotiate the terms on which investors contribute their money.
    • Draft the numerous organizational documents necessary to form an investment fund, a limited partnership agreement (if the fund is a limited partnership) or an operating agreement (if the fund is a limited liability company), and investor subscription agreements.

  • An optimal fund structure can be created using any or all forms of investment vehicle, including companies, limited partnerships, unit trusts and segregated portfolio companies

    Multiple Share Class Funds

    A legal entity structured as a fund may have multiple share classes, which may allow investors with differing requirements to invest into the same fund, and therefore still reap the benefits of a fund such as cost efficiency and diversification from the larger pool.