International Arbitration 

Arbitration is the core of our law firm. Our lawyers are at the forefront of developing creative solutions and ideas that improve the arbitration process.


International Arbitration 

Arbitration has been part of the core practice areas of our law firm. We are best known for handling complex disputes and arbitration proceedings.

International Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) are at the heart of our legal practice. Over the past ten years, Fareya Azfar acted as counsel representatives in over 200 arbitration and ADR proceedings in the UAE and England – from onset to enforcement. 

We offer a unique combination of common law and civil law expertise, expert knowledge of arbitration rules and its application under local UAE Arbitration Law.

We have represented clients in the UAE in ad hoc, court-ordered, and institutional arbitrations administered by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIFC), Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre (ADCCAC), and the DIFC-LCIA.

Our lawyers are active members of international arbitration committees, groups and institutions. They know the approach and mindset of all prominent arbitrators; practitioners who act in arbitrations; and the experts regularly appointed by them.

We have invaluable knowledge and insight about the process, secretariats, arbitrators and opposing counsel.


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Life-cycle of arbitration

We will advise you through all phases of the most complex and demanding commercial disputes —advising on drafting arbitration clauses, developing dispute resolution strategies, conducting arbitration hearings and seeking recourse in national courts when necessary, with respect to enforcement of arbitration agreements, awards or provisional relief.


  • early case evaluations and cost budgets;
  • compliance with multi-tiered dispute resolution clause, and conditions precedent to the arbitration agreement.
  • pre-trial expert opinions
  • any proceedings for interim relief


  • dealing with costs and administrative matters in ad hoc arbitrations or in liaison with the arbitral institution;
  • jurisdictional challenges, preliminary procedural matters,
  • composition of the arbitral tribunal

The arbitral proceedings

  • written submissions,
  • witnesses, testimony, experts, 
  • hearing, 
  • closing and cost submissions

Enforcement and Ratification

  • challenges against enforcement of arbitral awards or
  • formulating grounds for nullification before local courts,
  • enforcement under the New York Convention, and national foreign laws

Fareya Azfar

Fareya Azfar

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