Independent Board Advisors

Many corporate leaders profess great difficulty and frustration in finding truly objective individuals to advise them in their most important decisions.



Independent Board Advisors

As separate counsel, we provide decision-makers with the opportunity to have unbiased counsel and clear understanding of the conflict of interest that is inherent in an increasing number of situations for corporate counsel and external law firm’s self-interests in gearing towards the more aggressive legal approach.

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Having been trained to analyze issues legally, ethically, and objectively, we are uniquely positioned to bring additional insights to strategic decisions. Our role varies from project to project, and we are often instructed in specific contexts for specific tasks:

  • hold privileged discussions.
  • provide non-legal solutions to legal problems to safeguard legal interests and support business initiatives that demonstrate C-level potential.
  • acting as watchdogs.
  • collaborate with the in-house counsel.

Renowned strategist and CEO advisor tell us: "there is a great deal of loneliness at the top. You cannot really confide in your top team, and there is a limited interchange with other CEOs. Yet the rate of change is accelerating, and the strategic choices are more varied and complex.”

CEOs and Managing Directors require concise but insightful opinions on the matters laid before them. Our personal counsel and decision-making support help decision-makers make independent and informed choices amid the differing views of internal stakeholders.

      • Representing the purchasers of a 70 percent ownership interest in two new vessels financed by a bank group secured loan to be repaid from revenue provided by time charters of the two vessels for use by a Saudi oil producer.


      • Providing counsel to a shipping company renegotiating and restructuring a co-ownership joint venture with individual private investors.


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Strategic Support

Transcending from the narrow role of legal advisors, we advance our clients’ objectives beyond courtrooms as strategic advisors to the board.

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