Litigation: United Arab Emirates


Litigation: The United Arab Emirates

Litigating successfully in the United Arab Emirates requires more than the knowledge of this jurisdiction’s laws, namely:

  1. an understanding of its culture; and
  2. an appreciation of its roots.

Whilst the law is developing at a rapid pace to bolster the country’s social and economic status on the world stage, the lawmakers are very conscious of their roots. As such, the law’s application in the UAE’s courts is driven by the nation’s intense loyalty to its social and cultural values.

What we do

Our firm has a deep understanding of the local court system. we cover all the necessary aspects in the litigation process by employing thorough preparation and high-level advocacy. We advise clients on trial analysis and strategies.


In the past decade, Fareya Azfar has advised private individuals and corporations in approximately 300 litigations in the Courts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


We see the difference of approach in terms of the statutory interpretation of Dubai Courts and the judiciary in Abu Dhabi.


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