Our story


Fareya Azfar & Araoui LLP is a lean law firm, we create, process, and deliver value to clients, and identify that as our service.


When clients want practical solutions, we are logical, intelligent, and creative problem solvers who happen to be experts at the law.


Our aim is to demystify lawyers and legal services.



We want you to see what we do, and how efficiently we do it. Show you the value of our work. Give you real-time access.


We use visual aids, charts, and cloud maps to make our advice absorbable to business users.

The transmission of information, from our minds to yours are seamless.

oRIGINAL Solutions

Applying ‘first principles thinking’ we boil things down to the most fundamental truths … and then reason up from there. 


The boundaries of industries are blurring, practising law in silo constraints integration, relevance, and utility of legal solutions to client’s problems.

Our story

In the months leading the formation of Fareya Azfar & Araoui law firm, the founders spent hours clicking pens and handwriting ideas on papers till wee hours. Each morning we will have a room full of scrap papers.

We spent our days meeting clients we served in the past ten years. Some clients even gave us 3-6 hours per week. We will then regroup, adjust ideas and sometimes discard them. We had the epiphany that spending time with clients is not a cost; it’s an investment. Clients are and must always be the invisible hand creating our services and business model.

We decided never to count any client meeting as cost or chargeable work.

Our business model is mostly the creation of our clients: pricing, sharing knowledge and information, legal and non-legal services, communication platforms, and matter management is all created by clients. We have learned so deeply about your company.

Why did the firm come to exist?

The driving factor for creating Fareya Azfar Araoui LLP is to unchain lawyers and transcend the law firms’ roles by expanding legal services to commensurate with the talent, skills and all the value that lawyers have to offer.

By restricting the lawyer’s contribution to advising on ‘what is the law and applying law alone’ legal advice was increasingly separating from strategies, realities and practicalities.

The business model of the 19th-century law firms had been holding back lawyers without resistance, until, a gap appeared surfacing unmet market needs of the 21st-century economy. Organizations which regularly use legal services are also asking for more.

We involve lawyers to advise beyond current constraints. Our lawyers give practical insights and solutions that come to them as natural strategists