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Humanistic Approach to law

This article elucidates the general meaning, concept, and scope of the legal doctrine of force majeure. It addresses the application and impact of the 'catch-all' phrases used to define force majeure in many prevailing agreements, which are the subject matter of disputes today.

People seek legal solutions that make things better, or at least not worse. We seek to provide legal solutions in a way that prevents harm to, preserves, or enhances individuals’ interpersonal relationships, wellbeing, opportunities for  growth, mental health, and satisfaction with the process and outcome of the matter.

Fareya Azfar & Araoui is the first known “Integrative Law” firm in the region. The motivation of integrative legal practice is to to solve legal problems in ways that preserve and optimize social and economic wellbeing.

Practice with purpose

Our Approach

The need for predictability is not a need for guarantees. Preditability is a legitimate expectation of every client.

Predictability is to have rules and calculable probabilities of achieving one of a set of known outcomes. The participants can weigh the odds and act accordingly

The true barrier to law firm innovation is the firm’s ironclad insistence on measuring value — both external to the client and internal within the firm — on the basis of lawyers’ time and effort. There is no fundamental economic reason why either of these should be the case. 

Approach to Transactions

We have a rigorous approach to designing, deploying and managing transactions, that includes frequent progress check-ins, daily interaction with clients.