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Legal and business advisors to venture capitals, startups, growing businesses, and emerging companies.

Decades of robust experience in the UAE, with our strong understanding of regional culture and resources we can provide focused local support to clients. We have robust relationships with local investors and industry players and enthusiasts.

Aspiring to play an important role in the evolution of fast-growing companies through formation, growth, and expansions. One way to think about our practice is as an outside general counsel.

We advise on international matters, including investing in the UK or overseas business ventures and how English law applies to cross-border and multi-jurisdiction transactions.


Clients rely on us for virtually everything, legal and quasi-legal:

  • legal and business advice, insightful strategies, 
  • financing: development and growth capital, venture debt
  • financing, refinancing, and restructuring
  • contracts management
  • risk assessments, early case evaluations
  • alternative dispute resolution, negotiations, mediation, 
  • local and cross border litigation

KEYS TO EFFICIENT ARBITRATION BEFORE THE DISPUTE AND ALONG THE WAY   The key to efficient arbitration is making good agreements. The speed, cost and overall efficacy of arbitration is largely dependent on the procedure followed in arbitration proceedings. The arbitration procedure is prescribed by consent There are different sets

Expert Evidence in International Arbitration   In every arbitration proceeding, there are specific issues in dispute, out of which the parties’ claims arise. Both parties will have conflicting answers to those issues, and thus, they will provide contradictory evidence and account of what happened. Each party would give evidence to