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Litigation: United Arab Emirates
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We are the “go-to” firm for foreign clients who have litigation in United Arab Emirates, either as defendants or claimants.

We work together with our clients, ahead of and throughout the dispute, to devise and implement a strategy that meets their objectives and leads to the optimal resolution of their thorniest legal problems.

Urgent Orders, Injunctions

We are lauded for our strength in handling enforcement proceedings relating to foreign judgments and arbitral awards, obtaining injunctive relief and freezing orders.

Injunctions are not granted lightly by the courts. They are draconian measures.

Real Estate disputes

In the aftermath of financial crises, our lawyers represented over six hundred investors to recover their claims for cancellation of sale and purchase agreements, seek compensation and recover the monies. We have also defended and handled high-value claims for developers of real estate projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Offshore, multi-jurisdictional

When disputes arise offshore, they are often complex, international and high value.

We frequently represent clients facing multiple, related legal proceedings in several jurisdictions. In these situations, coordination and consistency of strategy are essential – and so is the ability to understand and manage the complex procedural issues that arise from the multiple, potentially different laws and rules that may apply. We pursue and defend various parallel legal proceedings, including arbitrations, national court lawsuits and international court proceedings.

Shareholder Litigation

We regularly act on contentious shareholder matters, as well as shareholder disputes, particularly those arising out of breach of shareholder agreements/minority oppression situations.

Enforcement and Recovery

Our aim is to ensure that a victory is converted into a commercial success. A positive judgment or arbitral award is of no direct monetary worth if not enforced successfully. In order to achieve that, we innovate novel strategies, 

Fareya Azfar

Fareya Azfar

Managing Partner


Our thinking

“In the corporate world predictability is prized, mistakes tolerated, and surprises abhorred”
Henry W. Ewalt, Andrew W. Ewalt