Corporate Governance

What we do

As a trusted strategy advisor to many family offices and ultra-high net-worth individuals, it was only natural that Fareya Azfar Araoui would be asked to advise them on structuring direct investments. 

Our corporate governance consultations and training sessions help companies to make the best possible decisions as they navigate through difficult times.

With the Corporate Governance Practice Group's dedication to shareholder rights and corporate board accountability, our shareholders can rest easy knowing their interests are being protected.

Our team of experts has vast experience advising boards on all aspects of company management, including those that require strategic foresight in response to economic risk or reputational exposure.

  • We advised a Luxembourg based investment firm on raising capital for a distressed venture by the issue of convertible notes in the BVI holding company. There were three special issues to be resolved: the variation of rights, the conversion of the shares below the nominal price, and the increase in authorized.
  • capital.

Types of Direct Investments

Active investment

Board membership and active investment - Being an active investor in the business is beneficial if it aligns with the family office's investment skill set, organizational structure, or placing the next business generation into the desired industries. 

Passive Investors

Passive investors require governance systems, and we need to anticipate every stage of the deal and make specific provisions for it. Among them are establishing and monitoring milestones and streamlining decision-making around the potential deployment of additional capital into a company when another round of financing is required. During the initial investment, it is crucial to know how much capital is needed for the exit milestone. This is because not participating in additional rounds of funding could lead to a dilution of intended returns.

We serve as trusted advisers to companies, individuals, boards and board committees on corporate governance matters of all kinds – and particularly for matters that require critical strategic decisions in the face of substantial economic risk or reputational exposure. 

We provide clients with a full range of corporate governance and regulation services including advising on:

  • Directors’ duties and executive and directors’ remuneration and compensation
  • Corporate meeting requirements, including annual general meetings and shareholder requisitioned meetings
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