What we do

Emerging Companies

Working with start-up founders is as much about guiding the founders as providing legal advice to them. We help founders optimize resource allocation by focusing on the most critical legal issues and finding practical solutions. 

We have a very deep understanding of the businesses of our clients and coordinate with them in structuring transactions that meet their specific financing goals and requirements. 

As part of our expertise in growth company capital formation, we are able to offer advice with respect to new avenues of raising capital that are available today. 

We regularly advise private companies seeking financing from angel investors and venture capitalists. The Firm’s services include counseling on matters from the initial phase of corporate activity – including formation and obtaining financing from angel investors and venture capitalists, as well as financing through lenders

Fareya Azfar provides practical legal guidance at all stages, from the structuring, negotiating, and closing of all forms of equity financings.

On the issuer side of the equation, we understand our clients' businesses and work closely with them to structure transactions that meet their funding needs and goals.  With respect to investors, we have extensive experience tailoring capital-raising transactions to suit the specific investment objectives of venture capital funds, angel investors, and other varieties of investors. 

Venture Capital

We advise early-stage companies seeking venture capital financing (seed and early series) on fund formation and designing an internal organization structure and the rights and duties of the internal stakeholders.

Angel Investments

Private financing is playing an increasing role in the growth of emerging companies. Unlike venture capitalists who invest using money from other investors, angel investors fund entrepreneurs using their own money. The funds may come from a limited liability company, business, trust, or investment fund.